Preventing my wife's name from appearing on account unless she says how she'll spend our money???

I've called about this issue several times.  I want to put my wife's name on our account.  She is a Brazilian national who I have known for 6 years, been engaged with for 3 years, and been married to and lived with for one year.  She has a green card and an SSN.  I told USAA as much this last time I called, but regardless, I had to be transferred to the "executive resolution center," or something like that, because they didn't know how to add her.  He tells me they just need signatures of the account holders, and sent me the forms.  He was very polite.  I did what he asked, filled out the forms properly, and uploaded them.  Then...I got a "new document" which claimed there was "missing information" and required that my wife fill out a questionnaire not included in the paperwork he sent us...the questions include "Do you plan on withdrawing more than $5,000 per month?," "Do you plan on sending or receiving international transfers?," etc.  What my wife and I do with our money is our business.  I'm not one to be demanding, but I simply want my wife's name on our account, and I am not going to "report" to USAA how she's going to spend our money like she has to "earn" her way onto the account.  I am a military retireee who has been with them for years, and she is my wife.  That should be enough information.  If I can't get a result on this, and pretty darn soon, I am taking my retirement direct deposits, G.I. bill deposits, and VA deposits to Navy Federal, where I can get .45% interest in checking and a mortgage interest rate that's 1.5% lower than my current mortgage (I called and checked), which I just obtained last year.  Also, they jacked up my car insurance premiums to $200 a month when I was in a bad spot...I switched to Pr*gressive and paid $140 a month for the same coverage.  2 years later, paying $112 a month.  I can save more by bundling my home insurance with Pr*gressive, too.  I am feeling the need for a quick, clean break if something isn't done.  The only thing that's really keeping me from doing it is the inconvenient paperwork involved with moving the direct deposits.  But I'm feeling pretty motivated this week, so what the hey.  Looking for a response.


@nt11, thank you so much for reaching out to us. I understand your concerns with providing the requested information. As part of the USA PATRIOT Act and Bank Secrecy Act, banks are required to have a strong BSA AML Program in place. It is important for the bank to understand its customers and their intended activities.This requested information helps in protecting our member's accounts as well, allowing us to know if there is activity on the account that may be out of the ordinary as your intended purposes for the account. This requested information is necessary when a new account holder is added to the account. We certainly want to assist in adding your wife to the account as soon as possible. Once the questionnaire has been returned we will be happy to ensure she has access to the account. If you do have additional questions specific to your account you may initiate a chat with a banking specialist 24/7 or give us a call at 800-531-8722. Thank you. ~Robyn

Weird...when I started the account, after the Patriot Act was passed, I didn't have to fill out any questionnaires...when I deployed, my parents didn't have to fill out any questionnaires when they were added to the account...why in the world does my own wife have to fill out forms?

@nt11, I understand how this can be frustrating. To be a compliant company we do need information that in the past we didn't request. I would however like to forward this to a Bank specialist to review your concerns. Thank you again for reaching out and sincerely hope to keep you as a member, we appreciate you so much!

It is best to just leave USAA.  USAA will never be the company it once was.  It might have a chance of reverting back if Stuart Parker resigns.  No way that is going to happen as he gets paid big bucks to destroy USAA.  What an absolute shame.

@USAA   So USAA what's the real answer here?  Is it because USAA was NOT totally compliant before?  Or is it that USAA is going overboard now?    The member may find out very quickly if he opens an account at another institution and they do (or don't) ask for the same information.   

    Somewhat along the same lines, is this why many members had to fill out W-9s again?   And of course, we don't get a straight answer to that question.  (My best response from a representative was that I had never filled one out - of course she didn't know that I looking right at a copy of it along with the tracking information showing who had signed for it at USAA several years ago - I would never send a document like that without making a copy of it or without tracking it).