Please bring back the prepaid card! The youth checking does not fit our needs. I would like the prepaid card for my 18-year-old at college, so I can easily transfer money to the prepaid card for him from my USAA account.


Again, the youth checking option that is being promoted by USAA does not fit the needs like the prepaid card does.


Why discontinue such a good feature as the prepaid spending card??  Please bring it back.






Tee Gee,

Thank you for your feedback. I will pass it through to the appropriate department.

Did not know it was gone. That was one of the best accounts any bank that would consider itself a bank could have. Will look for another bank that has that service right away for my youngest daughter. Would like to know why it was stopped?

Not sure why the Youth Spending Account doesn't fit your needs. We just did this for our 4 oldest children and it seems better than the prepaid card. You can set speding limits, they cannot be "overdrawn", you can transfer money, they can get checks and it can convert to a standard checking account for you 18 yo if you want. Seems better than the prepaid card as far as the flexibility and options. You should call customer care and check into the details.