I think it's terrible that they have discontinued the prepaid cards.  I just went online to see about sending one to my nephew.  Our daughters have had ones for a few years now. They also have the youth checking acct with a debit card.  I have found with one daughter, I don't completely trust her with her youth checking / savings card.  She would deplete that card completely in one second.  So, I transfer money to her prepaid card as she needs it.  It's to save her from herself.   I would gladly pay a one time fee to bring back the prepaid cards.



I totally agree!! We sent our daughter on a trip with her grandparents and ended up getting her a pre-paid card at a grocery store. I would feel so much better about her having an account and a pre-paid card with USAA so all of us have the ability to put money on her card. The only way to do so now for her, is to have her with us! 

Please bring back the prepaid card! I have kids that are too young for a checking account but old enough to start learning the concepts of banking. By having this gift of a prepaid card they can learn how to manage their money in their bank without spending past their means. It has taught my older girls how to manage what they have and feel the reality when they tried to overspend at a store and been denied. It has taught them to check their balances and plan on what they want and determine if what they want is worth the purchase. I now have two adults living on their own and doing great from the experience. I have little ones that are too young for a checking account but I want them to start learning now. And my adult kiddos I can still transfer money to them to cover their books or pay for classes and not have to worry about writing a check or getting them cash. It's a great product. I wouldn't even mind paying a startup fee to activate a new card for my younger bunch. Please bring it back.
I also went online to get two more cards order! But I cant find it anywhere.
I have two kids on them I need two more now and in 5 years I'll need one more!!!
Why take away good features!!!!


Thank you for the valuable feedback and comments. 


I took your concerns to the banking experts and they responded with what I believe you are looking for and what will serve the needs that you are seeking to fulfill: 

Here is a link to see more: https://www.usaa.com/inet/pages/youth_checking_main


Youth Spending Account

This account grows with our young members and converts to a USAA Checking account when they turn 18.


  •          Parental controls allow setting ATM limits, blocking purchases, and setting spending limit (not just ATM limit)
  •          ATM rebates
  •          Functionality for parent to transfer between accounts
  •          The account can be opened by the parent on Mobile

The checking account is great and we have it. But it is a different product then the pre-paid.  It is does not have everything we are looking for please tell the banking experts!


I want to get my daughter a pre-paid like my son because it has so many benefits that are in addition to a checking account in teaching her fiscal responsibility, online purchasing safety and  of course the quick ease of us getting her money in an emergency. (i know some of these options are available with the checking account but not in the same lower risk way)


The big draw I was telling her was the benefit of the pre-paid is it was a safe way for online purchases.  She really likes to purchase items online.  The prepaid is a much better option then a debit card as it doesn't expose her entire checking/savings account to security breeches (we see how unsecure big name retailers have been of late). Also With the pre-paid she can transfer over just what she has budgeted for her trips to the mall or the amount of her online purchase thus keeping her spending reined in and helping her learn to budget better. 



I just finished reading everyone's responses and I am in agreement.  I just logged on to USAA to open a checking account for my daughter when I ran across a prepaid forum.  After reading about the prepaid card I was sold on it and started looking for a way to sign-up for it when  I came across this forum and realized it is no longer offered.  Please USAA bring back the prepaid card.  I checked out the youth account but it looks to be for teenagers only. 





My son has had the youth checking and debit card for several years.  I, like the other parents want to find a safer way for my family to pay for online purchases (sometimes gaming sites) other than using his debit card.  I am looking for a pre-paid card  for him and also myself to minimize the risk of losing the entire balances in our accounts.


Please take this back to the banking committee.


The pre-pay card is a better choice and a simpler approach to provide spending money to a teenager.  The checking account option you present has higher risks associated with spending.  Please bring back the prepaid card. 


My first prepaid card for my teenage son helped me with future financial decisions he had to learn.  In my case, a checking account would have been problems.  I would now like to have the prepaid card option for my younger daughter.  It offers a low risk opportunity in providing her a spending allowance as rewards for meeting her school related goals. 


I am exploring other banks in my local area who have this program.  I'd prefer to keep all my business with USAA, so please bring back the prepaid card. 




I am not a new member as the caption shows by my name.  I have been with USAA for over 25 years. 


Again, please bring back the prepaid card.