Bring back the prepaid card...please!!!


Why, unless you have bad credit you are giving your money to the bank and getting little to no return?

I agree with booter87:  bring back the prepaid card.  I went online this morning to get one because I have been a victim of credit card abuse/identity theft with use of my credit card numbers.  Even though my credit card will cover fraudulent charges, I had decided to get a pre-paid card to use so that I can keep identity theft thieves from spending more money.


To DHL: as far as I can tell, the only fees the bank gets from a customer using a pre-paid card is when the card is used for foreign currency purchases or when you have a card sent to you by other than standard mail ($8).

I agree completely. The prepaid card from USAA was amazing and I've told many, many people about how much i love it. Please bring it back!


My favorite feature is that if my kid is stuck somewhere, i can immediately add money to his card so that he has money instantly. Love that feature.


The greatest feature was the ability to immediayely transfer money to my teenager at her first year at college on the other side of the country.  I wonder why USAA decided that these young people would be so organized that they could predict emengencies 3 to 5 days in advance.  I couldn't!

Please please bring back the prepaid card!!!!

It would be great to have them available for adults -- I dislike storing my credit card number online and do so as minimally as possible. With the explosion with pay-by-phone "convenience" options at the register and for some other services (e.g. Uber, public transportation e-ticket via smartphone app, etc.), it would be safer for all of us if we could have pre-paid cards to use for those transactions. I have not signed up with any of those services simply because I am not comfortable with my credit card number being saved online. I would also love to be able to transfer the one (or two?) auto-payment things that i use to a pre-paid card as well as using one for at least some online purchases.


Please bring back pre-paid credit cards and make them available for us adults so that if there is a security breach, only a limited amount of money is at risk instead of our entire credit limit.





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Thank you for your feedback. I have passed this on to the appropriate channels. 

As always, a specific concern can be addressed by utilizing the "communicate with USAA" information located at this link:

So my youngest is now going to be six and I had been told to wait before when he was 4.  So am I of the correct understanding that I can no longer get a prepaid USAA card for him?  My other 3 kids have one.  Is it time to just streamline with Navy Federal?  They offer these now where as before they did not and I pulled from them.