Thank you for sharing your concern. I will pass it on to the appropriate department.

Dear Tara

I appreciate that you are forwarding the comments made regarding the pre paid cards by other members.  My concern is I have seen that comment a number of time when reading through thecommunity posts.  When will USAA actually respond with a definitive position?  ie:  Thanks for yout comments however there is no way we are bring them back. 

To continue to tell the community you are passing the information on to the appropriate department,  is not resolving or bringing conclution to the discussion.  It is not true leadership to only pass things up the chain. Where is the follow up on your part to get an answer back.  

I would also add my disappointment on this topic  as well,  since I just told my daughter she should set up a prepaid card for my grandaughter.   Only to discover on line they nolonger exist.  I would also ask as a 35 year member of USAA to have this program brought back.

 Sincerly Captain Andrews

Captain Andrews,

I have passed on your request to my supervisor for an official statement. 

I do not want to quote incorrectly. I do know that at this time the youth spending accounts are an alternative but I also realize that they are not the same thing as the prepaid debit (because I am also a parent and USAA member). 


I will post as soon as I am given the response from banking services. 

Thank you!

Please bring back the pre-paid card. I was just trying to get one for my daughter. My son love's his, and has him leaning towards other USAA products.

Please Bring It Back

@John Family, thank you for this feedback. I will have it submitted to the appropriate area for review. ~Sarah