I should have been more clear. The way I understood it is that you cab do either. Set it up like prepaid and they can only spend what is available. Set it up like checking, it needs overdraft protection and they can write checks. Worth calling if you want to see if it works for you. We think it is a great solution for our 4 teens.

Ok, that makes more sense.  I did not know that was an option.  I'll have to call and check into that.



I'd love to see them back as well.



Please bring back the Prepaid Spending card. It has been a great tool for my older boy. I was just trying to order one for the next in line. 

Please bring back the prepaid card!  It's time for our 4th child to get his prepaid card.  Our first three kids have them, and they have learned budgeting and financial responsibility while gaining their independence.   I don't understand why this product was discontinued, but I hope by adding my comments to the hue & cry about this, USAA will be encouraged to reinstate the prepaid card.

I just opened accounts with USAA and looking for the opportunity that my son learn to manage better his expenses.  I was looking for the credit card opportunity and saw this but apparently is not available anymore.  Please bring this back!  THanks.

Yes please bring this back.  I just logged on to try and get one for my son.  I thought this would be a great way to start teaching him about money management.  Now I will have to look else where not good.  I like to deal with all of my financial transactions in one place.

I was just searching for the Prepaid card today because my youngest daughter just turned 16. Her two older sisters had them and they worked out very well. USAA, please bring them back!

I am very disappointed that USAA eliminated the pre-paid debit cards.  I called, and the rep said USAA will continue to service the existing pre-paid debit cards that you have, but no longer offers them.  They offer a teen checking account, which can have a debit card, but unlike the pre-paid debit card, your teen can incur NSF fees, and you, as the sponsor, are on the hook for them.  So even if you establish overdraft protection, you're still on the hook for essentially unlimited spending by your teen.  Yes, you can administer (i.e. suspsend) the account, but you have much less control, and in the end, the teen checking account is not a substute for a pre-paid debit card.  


I think it's a great idea to teach your kids about banking with a checking account and a debit card, and NSF fees.  But for a younger teen, the pre-paid debit card is a much better option.


I understand there is a cost to administering pre-paid debit cards, and I genuinely appreciate that USAA didn't charge any of those fees.  But I'd much rather pay the fees and be able to set up and administer those pre-paid debit cards through USAA than have to deal with a third party, and funding through a third party.  I would be willing to pay the fees through USAA instead.  


Please bring the pre-paid debit cards back.




I agree - please bring back the PPC.  We've had one for our daughter (now 18) for several years, and was trying to get one for son (15) when found this forum...very disappointing.

We would pay a reasonable fee to cover the cost to USAA of administering the PPC