Please bring the Prepaid Spending Card back. Three of my children have these cards and they are amazing. When the children receive birthday and Christmas money I can transfer it to their cards from our account and they don't have to worry about losing their money if they lose their cards. i can suspend / activate the card as needed it is great and isn't tied to any of our checking accounts so they are truly limited on what they can and can't spend. The youth checking is great for teens but is overkill for my 6 year old son, why would you do away with one of your most useful products it is a great money manager for children it truly teaches them how to save and spend while keeping our checking and savings account safe. Please, please bring back the Prepaid Spending Card! Highest Regards, Michele R. Doty


Would like to see them back too

Thank you for your comments, we have passed the feedback on to the appropriate department. 


Since USAA has evidently decided not to bring these back, here is a helpful article about them from Consumer Reports:

Does this mean the ones my kids have currently are going away? I am so disapointed! My daughter was just getting ready to get hers and start to manage her own clothing budget.  Please bring them back.

Why did USAA get rid of these WONDERFUL prepaid cards? The cards helped teach the children how to manage their money! Please bring them back!

I am also deeply disappointed USAA has stopped the Pre-Paid Cards.  I have been with USAA for almost 20 years now.  The cards were great for my older two children and now trying to teach my younger two and there are no more cards.  I see they grandfathered and still allow my two older children to keep using their cards why not just bring them back.  it is much safer than caring cash these days and as a parent it is great to load allowance and teach them to manage their accounts so when they become adults and have their own accounts they are financially resposnible.  Nothign USAA has beats the pre-paid cards.  It is like USAA is trying to force their customers to shop services elsewhere.  I thought this was a company that was member lead and member represented but it does not seem like they want to listen to what heir members want.  Maybe it is time to shop around at this point.  Bottom line as a member I am askign you to bring back the pre-paid cards and start listenign to your members.

Add me to the list! Bring back pre-paid cards please

They have a Youth Spending Account that is similar. You load a certain amount to the card for children to spend. No going over. BUT it has the flexibility of setting spending limits, allowing checks, transfers available, converts to a normal account when they turn 18, etc. We just did this for our 4 oldest children. FANTASTIC Options.

Not sure you are right about the Youth Spending account.  How come they offer an overdraft protection if you can't go over.  And if you can write checks, you can always go over.  I like this option, but it's not the same as the prepaid card.