USAA - I am beyond frustrated, I would have loved to send an e-mail within my account but I can't seem to find that option (this is probably on me) and I don't want to call back and spend another hour on the phone because the "back office" is inaccessible to everyone including front line USAA employees. 

   Here's the story - my parents have been declared incapable and there was a power of attorney on file from my mom for her children.  She revoked that power of attorney.  I sent in additional legal documentation to USAA to include the incapable letters for both my parents.  The lawyer provided my brother, my sister, and me with all the documentation that was needed or should be needed by institutions.  Now here we sit and after 14 business days, USAA is still "working" on it.  I do understand things do not happen overnight; however, we have a FIDUIARY issue here also that needs to be addressed rather quickly, something that both Fidelity and Edward Jones understood immediately (does USAA understand this?).    One solution from USAA was to send me USAA power of attorneys and fill those out, but guess what USAA - they require signatures from the grantors (my parents). Hmmm, how do members who have been declared incapable have the authority to sign legal documentation??????      So then, one of us kids could sign the paperwork but then would need to attach the legal documentation that has already been sent to USAA.  Or I could resend the Power of Attorney in that USAA already has on file so my mom could revoke it again.  Does this make any sense to anyone or have I missed something in translation?

   USAA I watch the so very many commercials that are on and listen to your radio commercials on 101.9 in the Chicago area each morning and they are so "we are all about our members".    But after 5+ phones calls and many hours on the phone with you, are you really "all about your members"?  My dad - 28 year veteran who served in Vietnam, exposed to Agent Orange, worked at Fort Detrick in the Chemical Division (I think that is what it was called, I was born there), and now resides in a skilled nursing facility in Alaska.  My mom - suffers from Alzheimers and is being moved into a memory care facility shortly.  She unfortunately doesn't understand the nuances of her disease.   USAA, is this the best you can do for your old time military?    

    And USAA, please please please do not respond with a cookie cutter response of "sorry to hear all of this and we will engage a specialist to look at this.  Please give us a couple of days."    The appropriate response is "we will get right on this as we understand the concerns you have and will get back to you when this is completed".



    A very frustrated 35+ year member, daughter of a 57 year member



Hello @NSueZ, I can see the seriousness of your comments and I'm engaging a specialist to help with your concerns. Thank you for reaching out. -Paula

If the Court found then in need of guardianship, then simply upload a copy of the Court's order in the document center or whatever they call that.  Click on your name in the upper right corner, the third thing down is send documents to USAA.  Send the electronic copy (scanned document) to USAA. 

Someone there should be able to sort it out quickly.  

@727   I appreciate your comments.  However, we are their "guardians" via the trust agreement.  All of this information is in the trust and the trust has been recertified naming the new trustees.  Additionally, there are power of attorneys for when my parents were declared incapable.  The original trust, the recertification of the trust, the incapable letters, the power of attorneys (the entire packet created by the attorney) sits in the hands of USAA.   At this time, we do not need to go through the court system as it is not required unless we want to name a guardian outside the ones listed in the trust documents.   Right now, other than Wells Fargo, no other institution has been this clueless about this process.  How could USAA even send a document to me that requires my parents' signatures when they have been told (and have said documentation) that my parents are incapable?  USAA may not be on top of their game, but Victory Capital certainly was.  That was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise after reading some of the comments on this board.  Fidelity and Edward Jones also did not have these problems.

   And you give USAA too much credit to sort anything out quickly as I have had several discussions with them and probably spent about 6 hours on the phone with them.  They could not even tell me what documents they needed or where to send them.  Again we are dealing with a fiduiary issue and parents who have no authority to make legal, financial or medical decisions.  



    A very frustrated member who wishes USAA would go back to the way it was 15 years ago


@USAA   I am waiting for some type of resolution.  In the meantime, it appears that my mom called USAA and changed the mailing address (again) back to the one that SHE WANTS, not the one that WE NEED so that we can ensure that her bills are being paid, etc.  Unfortunately, she has no legal standing to do this as WE oversee her legal, financial, and medical affairs.  And I would think USAA is getting tired of the back and forth also when I change it back to my address as I am responsible for her bills and taxes being the accountant that I am.  Do we just need to move on from USAA completely?  Again, USAA I am asking - what do you need/want from us to get some type of response from you?

  Do I need to contact my local representative or senator for help? 

  Does our attorney need to clarify something for you? 

  Will it help if my LTC (retired) brother with his 26 (might be 28) years of service and many tours of duty as a pilot in the Middle East contact you even though he is just a bit busy handling the day to day stuff with my parents right now?  Just let me know.

  We are not trying to be difficult - we are trying to be efficient. 

    Do I need to come on this forum every eight hours for every day that USAA has had the documents and not responded to us?  Right now, USAA has had the documents for 17 business days and an additional 6 days if you include weekends.  I would be happy to make that many posts, but of course USAA would think that I am not following the rules or that I was "bumping" content.  I would be disgraced off of this site.  

    But I guess the bigger question is - is this really how you treat service members?  You know your commercials do say that USAA will "be there for life".   Is that only for your new members and not meant for the ones who actually helped build this company?   



   Fewer commercials and more action needed

@USAA - no action necessary on your part - my brother found an alternative solution - we'll see how USAA handles his solution