We need to have our son sign a POA as we have waited way too long. Now traveling from another State is impossible due to the virus. We are 84 and 87 and don't want to wait any longer. How can he sign and have it notorized and send it back to us? Wouldn't we have to be present to have the notory sign it?


@Parco, In regards to the USAA POA, if you are adding your son as POA to your USAA accounts he should not have to have a notary, just the owners of the accounts would have to. (All POAs must be in writing, notarized, signed, and dated by the principal.) Hope this helps. And please stay safe out there.  ~Tom

Thanks for the reply. Do you have a form we can use to assign him POA of our USAA accounts and have it notorized here? Not sure how that would work. 

@Parco, If you search "POA" on our website, the forms that you are needing will populate in a PDF format. Please let us know if you need additional assistance. ~Danielle