It has become clear over the years that the altruistixc USAA culture is not that! Over the years I have had stiuations where I have overdrafted my account, when using my savings as OD protection, funds would not transfer until after a fee was charged to my checking. Yet, amazingly, while using my credit card, magically OD protection funds are transfered almost intuitivley prior to the overdraft being posted. So, yes, USAA is a scam, I am not perfect by any means, but I wish I could afford an attorney to look into this or maybe even the FED's for what I am sure would be a laundry list of financial cheats they have done. I wish it were not so! This is simply preying on those who do not have much to begin with and have served Our Great Country. Oh well, there it is!


@The Bounty Main, So sorry to hear you feel this way. This isn't how we ever want you to feel. I have located your profile and I am forwarding your concerns now to a Bank specialist for review. Thank you ~Tom