Possible to mail a check for deposit without an endorsement?

I'm overseas and I got a message from home that a refund check arrived for me and needs to be mailed to USAA for deposit. But I'm not there to endorse it. I can't use the mobile app because my phone is too old. Mailing it here and back would take a month, probably. What can I do? Thanks.


Thanks for reaching out, @Blooming Lotus - With regards to depositing a check without an endorsement, I can't say if it will be accepted. The issuing bank of that check will be the one to decide. We will accept the deposit, however, there is a risk that the deposit will be returned bye the issuing bank due to lack of endorsement. If you have established a Power of Attorney (POA) to handle your affairs while overseas, they should be able to endorse the check for you. The endorsement would need to follow these guidelines: Line 1 - Your name  Line 2 - POA's signature and the designation of "POA" next to signature Line 3 - For Deposit Only (Account Number). I hope this helps. - Cathleen