USAA’s customer service has really gone downhill. I paid off my credit card in full this month like I always do, but when I tried making more charges, they were declined because USAA put a 7-10 day hold on the check because I’m now over my limit. So I can’t use the card until the check clears. I will cut their card up and find one that provides better customer service. Steve White, Tyler TX


@Steve1313, I regret your frustration. We pride ourselves in our customer service that we provide to our members, so to read an experience like this, is very concerning. I've located your USAA profile and will forward your information to a subject matter expert for further review. - Ben

i am finding the same.  USAA was unprepared to change Michigan policies pursuant to law in effect July 1, 2020, even though law was passed and signed by Governor in 2019, giving all insurance companies ample time to prepare.  They obviously won't cooperate with efforts to reduce coverages because that means less premium.  So, they have been giving me the run-around week after week.  No matter what I do or send, they refuse to make the changes for which the law allows. A policy holder CANNOT change the PIP coverage on line. Most recently, they required me to send an image of my Soc Sec card.

I was told they would act on it within 24 - 48 hours. Here I am FOUR DAYS later still without cooperation.  wishing I had stayed with AAA or gone to a local independent agent for Auto Owners, Farm Bureau, etc..  Next week I plan to file a formal complaint with the office of the Michigan Insurance Commissioner. 

@Steve1313, While there no excuse for poor service, I would like to impart some knowledge that may help. Over a year ago our government established a banking regulation that if one bank is used to pay a different bank, the receiving bank has to request the funds from the FDIC. When I use my USAA checking to pay my USAA card it is almost always processed immediately because it is an internal transaction. However, using that same account to pay my Discover card (of any amount) I have to wait 8 days for the transaction to process, even though it is in good standing. I shudder to think how many more days it would take if I was over my limit plus the additional fees they would charge
I meant to say the Federal Reserve, the FDIC was an error