Please reply ASAP: In Act of Lunacy, a Mortgage Company Trying to Foreclose After Cashing Payoff Check; Need Copy of Cleared Check Issued by USAA

Please reply as soon as possible. The lender is pursuing a crazy foreclosure process and I need documentation showing loan payoff amount issued and cashed.


A check issued by USAA for $254,214.58 jointly payable to me and Greentree Financial cleared on August 14, 2015. On the Claims Communication Center this payment information *was* easily available; however, now I cannot find it (website redesign?).


Nevertheless, I need any documentation (preferably copy of cleared check or image of check upon issuance) USAA may possess as soon as possible and would greatly appreciate any assistance. Please email what you may have to my email address on record: jga***** [self-edited to minimize spam].


I thought this would be readily available on the website (as it was present previously), but it's no longer accessible. The mortgage company, in act of lunacy, placed the property into FORECLOSURE. Lol. Not funny (but funny if it wasn't me).


Thank you!



p.s., This is related to the destruction of our home by fire Feb. 8, 2015. 



Hi John, I will be more than happy to forward your request to our subject matter experts for help. They are currently not available at this time, but once they return to the office tomorrow they will receive your request. Thank you for reaching out to us.