I just want and wish this post could make it to the board or at least to a person with high enough level of power within the USSA cooperation and ask you to please rethink and consider the addition of Credit Cards upgrades and downgrades, many people have been waiting patiently for this and many of us are thankful for the opportunity that was given to be a holder of an unsecured CC when we weren’t at our best times in life but many have also worked hard and have grown on many different types of ways I personally would love to be able to not have to close the account and just upgrade my credit card. Like I said before please think about it don’t let us hanging, best wishes and have a good day


@Sanne, Thanks for taking the time to post. I understand the importance of having an secured credit card graduated to unsecured card. I've forwarded your comments to the appropriate area for review. - Ben

Don't hold your breath.


The folks at USAA who handle this function are highly incompetent.  It's been many years now since people have complained about exactly the same thing you have mentioned yet USAA ignores them.  It's going on two years since they have been supposedly revamping the whole secured credit card product and they have lied multiple times about when they will launch their "new & improved" secured credit card program.


In this area USAA has been a failure from the start.  Don't expect them to do anything right now.  

Yeah i heard they’re making changes and hopefully this is one of those changes, in the mean time I’m going to use an example, I’m a Sapphire Reserve holder yes I pay $500 a year but all the rewards, perks, benefits and credit limit I get with it make it totally worth the price so this secured CC is basically worthless to have but at the same time it adds another 5k to my line of credit and is helping my credit history so I really don’t want to let it go.

In the past USAA has been pretty advance to new techs and trends (like the chip in the cards) but if we think about it they had to sell their investment division due to becoming non competitive to the huge wave of new fintech we saw in the past few years and is still going or at least that’s what I think. I just hope USAA banking gets up to date and more desirable or attractive to members In the near future