For the past 3 months I have not received an email letting me know that my credit card statement is ready for review and payment.  I have had to call USAA and have thme manually push a copy to "My Documents" so I can review and make my payment.  I have reported this each time and each time I get the same sad song, "This is a know issue and we are working on it".  IF it is a known isssue - FIX IT.  I work in IT and I can tellyou my company would not tolerate this kind of customer support, especially when it comes to a customer's financial information.  I wonder if USAA would accept the same pitiful effort on my part when it comes to making my payment.  I wonder if I am late with a payment will they look the other way when it comes to a late fee, penalty or mark on my credit report?  I'm sure they would because "This is a known issue and they are working on it.".  I feel for the memabers who rely upon an email alert to remind them their bill is due.  This is the worst excuse for customer service I have ever experienced.  COMCAST is better than this.  As soon as my Credit Union credit card arrives I am out of here.  And by the way, the credit union rewards program is MUCH better than USAA's.  Signed 35 year dissatified member....


Dear member,


We value your 35 year membership, I am sorry you have been having this issue, I surely understand the frustration and would like to assist. I have passed this along to one of our banking partners for review, and someone will be reaching out to your directly. Thank you.

I was tired of waiting so I called Credit Card customer support and was told that a representative called me on 9/11 and left a message on a phone number that no longer exists.  Really?  How is that possible?  I also updated my profile when that phone was cancelled but the old number is still in your system.  USAA has more IT problems than I have ever seen, but the worst thing is for a rep to lie about leaving a message on a phone which it is physically impossible to connect with.  NFCU here I come, I've heard there reps do not make up things just to make their numbers look good and clear a call backlog.

Dear member,


I will follow-up with our bank to see what the status of this is. I appreciate your patience, will post here as soon as I have details. Thank you.

Dear Unhappy in Memphis,


I wanted to check in and make sure you have been contacted. Thank you.