I talked to a lady from the ceo office about a loan.i explained that I had an att from Lexington law firm removing negative items from my credit files and that the credit company experian hasn't updated my record yet and that usaa denied my Liam of 2500.this is not only an injustice ftom experian but also ftom usaa bank and I'm seriously considering moving to a bank in my home town that will help me n treat me as a person n not as a number
I am truly disappointed in usaa bank on how they handled this and myself.i hope the ceo or someone with some sort of power reads this and responds immediately to me.thanks usaa for nothing.




USAA strives to provide best in class service and products to its members. At times despite our best efforts, we're not able to provide our members with the desired resolution they're seeking. Your comments are very valuable to us and play an important part in our efforts to improve member satisfaction. I have passed this along to the bank and will have them review. Thank you for posting in Community.