I've been assigned to the Pentagon for about a year now and can't believe there isn't a USAA ATM machine in the building.   I know there are USAA financial centers in the area, but I don't understand why USAA doesn't have a presence in the Pentagon.  Pen Fed, Bank of America, and NFCU are here and charge $3.00 per withdrawal for non members.  Given the great number of USAA members in the building, I think it would be cost effective for USAA to have a presence here given the amount they have to reimburse their members for non-USAA ATM withdrawals.



Thank you for the suggestion! I will pass this along to the folks at the Bank! Thank you for your membership and for commenting in the community!

Any progress with this?

Mizzadventure, we encourage you to use our locator to find locations in this area. We did submit feedback regarding ATM locations. However, we do not show any changes as of now. To use our locator, type in "locations" in our search field and use your address or area you are in. Thank you, Jen.