I presently have three credit cards, first $4,000 @ 6%, second $6,795 at 10% and third $8,799 at 11.95%. I have $4,000 I want to apply to one of the accounts and then apply at least $2,000 each month to one and the minimum to the two others annd continue the snowball affect. I first thought about getting rid of the $4,000 credit card first but then I thought about the savings I can begin earning if i applied the to the higher interest card to start saving by paying down the higher interest card first. What do you think is my best course of option? Thanks for  any advice.


Hi Pancho68,

This is a great question for one of our financial experts over in the Financial Advice Q&A. I have found some similar questions and answers from other members who are looking to pay off their credit cards, I hope one of these helps.










Congratulations on taking a step to emilinamte your credit card debt. I wish you the best of luck!

Thank you Ms. Briana Hartzell, the links with information and advice was very helpful and I had already sent the same question to one of the USAA experts. I think I have my answer already after reviewing your post. Thank you very much!

So glad I could help! :)