Payable on Death for Checking/Savings

How do I designate a charity as the beneficiary ("payable on death") for my bank accounts? There apparently is no form available, and when I called, they had no idea how to do this!!! The cust svc dude said I could choose only from the family members listed, but the point is, I don't want to leave my money to them. I want to leave it to charity. Anyone know how to do this? I'll add what so many have said before me: USAA has really devolved into a sad, nearly useless organization.
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@squakalicious, I regret your frustration. I've forwarded your situation to the appropriate area for further handling. - Ben

The person who called me could have easily left a message to tell me where the POD form is. Instead, I got a message to call your 800 number again. Why? So I can go through the 5-minute process of verifying who I am AGAIN, ask the rep my question AGAIN, and be told AGAIN that they don't know? Why don't you just leave the answer in voicemail, or send an e-mail? This process just makes my frustration grow. I will not be calling again and going through the same rigamarole ten times!!!