Hoping USAA will develop an easy way - either online, automatic settings, phone app, whatever - where my credit card charges can be paid EVERY day - and AUTOMATICALLY. There's an app out there called SavedPlus that works very similar to this idea. I just want WebBillPay - or some other feature of USAA - to allow me to set up AUTOMATIC payments for my credit card charges IN FULL - on a DAILY basis. Currently, can only pay monthly automatically. This will help me keep my c/c under control - and pay off my charges as they occur - rather than scrambling at month's end to get the total amount together at once. That app - SavedPlus - takes money out of your checking account and puts it over into your savings account automatically with each c/c charge - it doesn't take 100% though and that's what I want - 100% of all charges automatically paid.


Agree with you, this would be a great idea for USAA to implement.



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Keep those ideas coming.