Pathetic Website Changes

The new modifications to the USAA website could not possible suck worse.  You should be totally ashamed of yourselves and the Neanderthals who designed and approved the changes.


One prime example is in the process to transfer funds to a non-USAA account.  On the new funds transfer page, there is no link to actually add a new transfer-to account.  In fact, searching the site, there is no option to add a new external account to which one can transfer funds to.  


On the old page, it was extremely easy and logically laid out.  You could select an existing account or there was a clear option to add a new account.


Serious, you people should hang your heads in shame over the new site.

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Hi @FullBird 


I wanted to follow up with some instructions in case other members are also looking to add an Account for Funds Transfer.


  1. Log on to
  2. Click “Products” in top navigation
  3. Select Banking
  4. Another drop-down menu will display where you can find Pay Bills
  5. Click Manage Payment Account
  6. Click Add an Account
  7. Proceed to Add an Account for Funds Transfer


Thank you for taking the time ti share your experience and comments.



The most logical place to place this would be under the section "Transfer Funds". That's where it had been for years until you outsourced the new modifications to what can only be described as clowns.  


And that is precisely why hold times to reach a customer service representative have increased dramatically.  I know for a fact you are getting millions of calls from frustrated members trying to navigate the new website modifications.  Seriously, with hold times of at least 1/2 hour and, at times far in excess of two hours, USAA leadership should be ashamed of themselves.  

Dera @FullBird


I can certainly understand your frustration with this. We will definitely review these suggestions and comments further. Thanks again for reaching out. - Jesse 

Hello @FullBird. I am very sorry to hear that you do not like the changes to I have forwarded your feedback regarding this. If you are needing help adding an external account, we can help over the phone. Please call us at 800-531-8722 for assistance. -Colleen

Seriously, to even suggest we call in to handle a simply thing like add an external account for funds transfer shows YOU are part of the problem.


The average hold time is right now over 45 minutes.  Yesterday when I tried to call the average hold time was 2 hours and 45 minutes.  And that is at international direct dial rates often approaching $3.99 per minute since USAA threw deployed service members under the bus when they eliminated the hotline for deployed personnel.