USAA needs new leadership.  The existing leadership is incompetent and, in a word, pathetic.  


The new telephone menu sucks.  In order to get technical support, you now have to go through a normal customer service representative.  The insurmountable problem with that is that now your average hold times are over 40 freaking minutes!  How stupid is USAA leadership to think that waiting 40 minutes -- or even, as was the case two days ago, 3 freaking hours -- is acceptable?  Heaven forbid the call get disconnected or dropped while waiting on hold.  


Hello @FullBird. We are currently experiencing higher than normal call volumes and are answering calls as quickly as possible. We also offer chat as an option. Volumes are high there as well, but you may want to try this option. You can chat with us by selecting "Reach a Representative", "Contact USAA" or "Ask USAA" on From the USAA Mobile App, you can select "Help". I have also escalated your concerns with the hold times and phone menu. -Colleen

Your reply is absurd.


You have been experiencing higher than normal call volumes for at least several days.  On Monday the average hold time was 2 hours and 45 minutes.  On Tuesday over 3 hours.  


Since I doubt the issue is competency of the phone representatives to do their job, the issue MUST be the incompetence of USAA leadership to have a sufficient number of representatives on duty.  


It's impossible that the call volumes are higher than what they have traditionally been.  The issue is insufficient staff to handle your routine volume.  


Pathetic USAA answer and no action!