POA changes with USAA are a nightmare and extremally time consuming - I should send them a bill for my time and fuel!!

I have repeatedly tried to get my dead partner off my POA's list and have had to go get notary signatures, etc, faxed, emailed, secure messaged the paperwork over and over and over only to find that they have left the dead guy on as my POA. I am so irritated and angry at this point I am beside myself. WHY do they have to make us call over and over and over and send paperwork over and over and over only to not do what I WANT to be done??!!
I even went to the USAA facility here in Colorado Springs, CO and had them notarize the darn paperwork and FAX it directly to the head office and still I have a dead guy as my POA.
ENT Credit union is SO MUCH easier to deal with and it is becoming more tempting each time I have to go through all the tortuous rigamarole with USA just to freaking change the 2nd POA to my youngest daughter and have my grandson as a back up 3rd POA for God Sakes.

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First, I am so sorry for your loss and can imagine this situation is distressing to say the least. Please know this has been escalated further. 

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

USAA---please help this "member" get this resolved. TY.