Listen up, USAA.   You have lots of military retired members and those also on Social Security.   If you seek to serve these members better you need to look into ways those of us that get our compensation on plastic can pay for your services WITH our DIRECT EXPRESS DEBIT cards....which technically are not plastic but rather guaranteed and liquid assets. 


Nuff said.   Make it so.


That is an awful idea, T38Rocketman.

All of my income comes to me via deposits on debit cards.   For me it is a great idea:  to be able to play my plastic credits  WITH plastic.  So please to enlighten me on why it is an awful idea in your mind, Please s.

In all honesty I wouldnt hold your breath on this. No major banks(Chase, Capital one, BOA, Amex, Citi) allows a credit card payment to be made by debit card. I have or had a card with all of them in the past and was never allowed to do such a thing. You can however use services on the web to send payments to the bank similar to USAA bill pay service(a fee of course will apply).\

I can recall the days when all the financial institutions were falling all over themselves to poach each others credit card balances with account debt transfers.   That is paying plastic with plastic, so it can and has been done.

  The Federal Government pays people getting Social Security and Retired Military, and Veterans Disability Compensations via debit card distributions and is happy to do so as it saves them money in a variety of ways.  In fact they made it a mandate:  No more paper checks.   USAA is unique if only for the fact it deals with above average numbers of Federal employee members.  I say get with the program and serve your member base better by implementing procedures with Direct Express to accept member payments from that debit source  into the system.  


Or don't and explain the holdup to me better than only saying it has never been done before or it's awful.  That dog won't hunt.