Overdraft protection and standing behind what costumer reps tells members

Last week I had a snapfoo with a payment to a credit card and overdrew my account. I called and spoke to a rep and was told the overdraft would not be charged to my credit card if I got money in the account which I did immediately. So the next day charge appears on my credit card as overdraft cash withdraw. Will they stand behind what I was told by the rep. of course not. Now I will be paying daily interest till I can come up with a way to payoff the whole balance. It would have been better to pay a one time overdraft charge. When did USAA become so money grubbing not standing behind what the tell people. Yes I know that I agreed to terms of the overdraft protection but was told it had not been charged.Now I will be trying to figure out how to payoff and leave after decades of Membership. Just don't like their attitude anymore. Five years ago they would have just fixed it. Now it is no way you agreed to the overdraft when you set it up. Such I don't care about who told you what of the customer makes me long for the old USAA.


@Sher, it's difficult to hear of your experience. This certainly isn't how was want any of our members to feel, and we would hate to see you leave after such a long relationship. I've submitted your information to the appropriate team for review and follow up. Thank you. ~Holland