Overdraft not available for debit card purchases???????????

That is exactly as it should be.  If I wanted to spend without regard to how much is in my account, I would use a credit card.  I use a debit card for budgeting purposes--and if the money isn't there, then I don't want to be able to spend it!  Another good decision, USAA!

That last reply sounds like it is from an employee.  Obviously, one would like the amount of the charge to be in their account. This still sounds like a non-answer, all said and done. The entire point of the question was: why is your overdraft protection counting towards checks which are antiquated and are no longer used by the majority at large and not towards debit-cards which is what everyone uses today. What type of customer service-friendliness is that? Because I'm sure every or almost every persomal account holder has a debit card. I'd be curious to know, what are your percentages of use: check vs debit cards for personal users? USAA not including debit cards is simply a way to cut out a huge headache and a ton of work (ie money/profit) for USAA. In addition, once it opens the door to allow debit cards into the current overdraft policy, they would have to be included if/when USAA ever made the transition to a fee-based per transaction policy. 


I have shared your feedback with out bank. Thank you.

Great! This is the way it should be. IF the money isn't in the account, don't spend it. I would rather my card be rejected at a POS than have my account charged a NSF or OD fee.