Overdraft not available for debit card purchases???????????

I have been having a problem with the overdraft protection on my checking account.  When making debit card purchases recently, my card has been declined when my account is below the amount needed for the purchase.  We have more than enough in savings to cover the transaction and that is set up as my overdraft backup account.


So I called USAA and a very nice gentleman explained that overdraft protection does not apply to debit cards.  Again, the representative was pleasant and was trying to be helpful but he needed to track down this information so I want to verify it's accuracy.  Is it possible that USAA has the most useless overdraft protection in the history of banking?  He stated it only covers checks (who uses these anymore?) and bill pay transactions.


I recently left Bank of America (who's overdraft protection works perfectly) because they no longer have a branch in my city and heard so many good things about USAA that I figured I'd give them a try.  We have been very pleased with all aspects of the banking process up until now.  How in the world can you have overdraft protection that doesn't cover debit card purchases when you then turn around and limit the amount of times we can transfer money from our savings account???


Please tell me this person was simply mis-informed and we just have this setup incorrectly.



Thank you for your comment regarding your overdraft protection. Due to the nature of your post, a service specialist would be in the best position to address your concern. As such, we ask that you please click here to provide us with additional detail and your member information. You can also reach a service specialist at 1-800-531-8722

Why can't you at least answer the dilemma presented?  Same thing happened to me, but I thought it was an oversight. I did not realize that USAA practices such awful thing. When is the credit card you're happy to pull $100 when all I needed was $11.  Awful!!!! When I opened the Savings acct it was just to provide OD protection.  Wow!   Saaaaaaaad....




Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry for your frustration. 


I cannot answer it because I do not have access to your accounts/member information nor the subject matter expertise regarding the question that you are presenting. 


Please call a service specialiist or follow the link in the above reply to report your issue. Each situation is unique and I am sure that your situation will be addressed and that a suitable solution will be found. 


Thank you. 

I do not have the problem described in this thread, but am getting frustrated as well.  My frustration is with the non-response that has been provided so far.  Your answer is basically "Call someone else, I don't have the knowledge or access to respond to the problem".


For a number of years, I managed the help desk/customer support function for a Fortune 500 company.  That response would have been unacceptable.  Once you know of the problem, you own the problem.  You may not personally solve it, but you should get the appropriate personnel involved.  The member should never be told to call someone else.  The proper support staff should contact the member and get the information necessary to solve the problem.


Again, I feel the response so far has been unacceptable.

wow, I just clicked on this to see where other people are frustrated with this company too and I must agree. These answers are bull. Simply put, explain the overdraft protection to everyone. I have it on my account and though never used I have at a previous bank when I was younger and it did just like the first post stated. It would pull from my savings when I went over with my debit card. Why can't the question be answered without getting someones account information? Seems it should be the same for everyone, or at least the same per account. Ex: regular checking account it means this, more money account means this......what poor service.


I am absolutely not passing the buck I am getting you to the person who CAN assist you. 


At this time I have elevated this thread to my supervisor for attention to this matter. Your community name is not tied (for security purposes) to your accounts. I am not a member services rep, I am a community moderator. Therefore, to assist you properly I need to connect you to the person who can best handle your situation/concern. That is exactly what I am asking you to do in one of these manners: 

You can reach a specialist by clicking here.

You may reach a specialist via telephone at 1-800-531-8722. 

You may email socialmedia@usaa.com with your member information and details of the situation. 


Thank you for your feedback. As I said, I will elevate this to see if there is anything that can be done further without having you provide additional information. 



That is no answer at all.  I find there are more and more quirks with USAA and I have been amember for sometime now.  Not replying to a simple question like this is more than frustrating.  You either have overdraft protection for debit cards or you don't.  So what is the answer and why is it like that?


As promised, I elevated the concern to my supervisor and we have sent the question forward to get a response from a Bank subject matter expert. 


Thank you for your patience, but most importantly your membership. 


TopStar, MikMak8902 - 

The answer for your question is below from banking services. Thank you for your patience and understanding, but most of all for your membership. 

The representative answered your original question correctly. 


Overdraft protection is set up to cover items that try to clear your account during batch. 


Bank of America and a few other banks may have the Reg E Opt-in that allows the member to overdraft at point of sale.  But this also allows the bank to charge an OD fee for all debit card transactions that process when funds are not available.


USAA decision was not to have an opt-in so the member is required to have the funds in the checking account when making a purchase.