Unsatisfied custmr
They hit me with 6 overdraft fee's, that's incredible. No notifications while it was going on. So I called up customer service and explained I made purchase and paypal had taken the money out of the wrong account and have documentation for it. They just replied unfortunately we can only so three courtesy waives; I had no idea doing the right thing was a courtesy in there eyes. This is far from the bank of used to be as for me and my family we are done with usaa.


@unsatisfied custmr, I understand overdraft and non-sufficient funds fee's are an inconvenience. According to our depository agreement, if a payment is presented to your account and the funds are not available you are subject to the fee's. I do apologize. I recommend contacting the company that attempted payment for further assistance. ~ Samantha 

100% agree with you. USAA's position as a market leader in banking and insurance are LONG GONE. Quite often I find USAA representatives to be poorly trained and, in a shockingly high number of instances, outright rude.


Hey USAA management: If you want use an army of reps to offer me "customer no service" you gotta take a number! There are plenty of poorly run, impersonal financial corporations waiting in line to abuse me... which is why I'm spending this holiday weekend finding your replacement.


Furthermore, the fraud department (with exception of Evie in Phoenix office), is frighteningly behind the curve and woefully inept. USAA failed to follow through on an investigation of $50k+ in fraudulent activity. Worse, various USAA reps give wildly different versions of process needed to protect my money. These conversations are all recorded, so no "he said, she said." Facts are facts.


Any journalists out there interested in learning the full, documented, real story? Contact me as I'd love to explain. God knows USAA isn't interested .. 

Hello @JohnAlexander, I do regret to hear of this experience as that is definitely not how we want our members to feel. I was able to locate your profile and will share your concerns with a subject matter expert for review. Once reviewed, they will contact you. We appreciate your patience in advance. -Emily

Chime bank has no fees and a great app!


Chime bank is one of the final five prospective banks I'm reviewing, so good to get additional feedback. Much appreciated!