Out Of The Ordinary

A miracle unfolded one day simply sitting on my porch.  Had there been a camera crew here, they would have filmed a true story commercial for USAA.  The scenario unfolded, blooming into someone saying "who's USAA?"  (The conversation that had taken place prior to that question, is something I pray you will want to hear all about)  

No matter, "things that happen in my life are always exciting in unusual spaces".  


I am determined to not file bankruptcy.   The story ends encapsulating how USAA listened to a member's request to earn her way out of the financially exhausting ruin she is in.   GI Jayne Beth's determination to pay creditors back happened,  

And I earned my way to success again, with USAA's bottom line skyrocketing!

The storyline will be verbatim that unfolded on my porch.   In my life, this first attempt to climb out of the rocky terrain I have been in is a miracle for the population who wants to hear a woman's drive to come back.

Food banks and what our government provides to hungry people are critical.  From wealth to hungry, on disability wasn't my dream. My charity will be to feed the hungry.  I was hungry - I can't describe how it felt. 

(If I don't send this now I'll never stop, please understand). 

I look forward with great anticipation to hear from you.

May God Bless us all, 

Jayne Beth xxxxx (xxxxx) and Rambo.  He's a part of it as well!!

Incidentally, my father is a 9 metal WWII hero, his life so colorful.

I need to earn my way to help, 

Thank You


If you could see me now, the help I will receive broadcasted thru the "on the porch one day"


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@mind4map, thank you for sharing your story. The financial security of our members is always a top priority for USAA. We're delighted to learn of your success. We appreciate your father's service to our country, and we'll always be here for your family. ~DC

  Do you have any suggestions, the right department, any direction.   I am passionate about this