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Can not see current balances from outside accounts, including schawb. 

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Don’t know about you, but I finally received a message from USAA management acknowledging they don’t have a “fix” for this.   Going on over a year, with multiple comments we can set up connections to outside accounts, but finally confirmed it doesn’t work.    Didn’t really need an explanation WHY the USAA management elected to drop us, but they could at least come through with the connectivity promised.   

YES, USAA CUTTING customer services ....

Hello @LFWejr, to ensure I have your concerns reviewed with the appropriate area can you share more on what has you feeling this way? -Emily

Many things , but i give you this for now....




Secure Messaging and CHA  not available many times....


Thank you for providing the additional details. I will share these concerns as well with the appropriate area. Please know, when all chat representatives are assisting other members the system may show as unavailable. We want to ensure we are handling each members concerns in the order received, if needed please do continue to attempt via chat for account concerns. 

Same here.   When USAA sold us off to Victory Capital, we were supposed to be able to at least see balances originally with USAA.   When I enquired about the info not displaying, the replies were USAA was working on a fix.    Many months later, no fix.   Might not be important to anyone else, but the VC website is even worse than USAA’s.   It’s a pain in the patootie just logging in; then a deep-dive effort to extract detailed info.   It was bad enough being sold to VC against my wishes, but having to work hard just to log in is far worse.   USAA should still have a tile for external accounts USAA sold off!   VC has a section supposedly devoted to ex-USAA accounts, so why can’t USAA simply transfer data to our USAA account?    I’d move the six sub-accounts to a different compsny, but all companies are in poor shape today; so why poke the bear for no reason?   It’s so difficult just finding figures, I hate to think how hard it would be to actually transfer those assets.   But you’re spot-on!   USAA should at least display basic data.   Thnx for bringing up this issue.   Maybe you’ll have more success than when I did!

Good morning @oldesoldier, I regret to hear of the frustrations this has caused. If you have not done so already you should be able to add a non-USAA account by going to USAA.com and completing the following. 


1. Select the Add Account link. 

2. Sign the End User Agreement if it is not already signed. 

3. Either select a financial institution from the "Most Popular" list or search for it using the Search box. 

4. Provide the login credentials for each account to add to My Accounts. 


If this has already been completed and you are still not able to access the accounts please clear the cookies/cache from web browser and ensure you are accessing USAA.com directly (not a saved link or bookmark). I will share your concerns as well with the appropriate area. We appreciate your time today. -Emily 

I’ll check to verify, but I believe I did this last year.   

@harry07, Thanks for reaching out. I recommend that you clear out your web browser's cache/cookies, close and then re-open the browser. Be sure to manually type in the "usaa.com" in the URL bar. If you're still unable to view your balances, please contact our Tech Support at 1-877-632-3002. When prompted by the phone system, please ask for "tech support." Hope this helps.