When ordering official checks (certified checks), USAA should consider providing digital copies of these checks in online and mobile accounts like they do personal checks. These official checks are very important. In that, nowadays, most companies and specifically government agencies will ONLY accept money orders or certified checks (official checks) as a form of payment. This is crucial, because:

* These official checks are sent through the mail with no tracking for USAA members.
* Although the official check is filled out by members, USAA does not log in who the check transaction was made out to for personal record keeping.
* A lot of companies and government agencies will not mail back a receipt showing "payment received" for this expensive check sent through the mail via standard, expedited, or express mailing costs.
* For the fees of this particular check, USAA should provide better record keeping and tracking for such a very important financial instrument.




Thank you for the feedback here in Community. I have passed this over to our bank team for review and possible consideration for future enhancements. 

Thank you

Best of luck Derek. I posted similar concerns 10 days ago here and USAA has been fumbling this beyond my belief. Someone actually brought up the tracking issue a year ago as well, but USAA hasn't made any changes. I am surprised given the current technology capabilites that they haven't implemented the changes. 





Someone followed up with me for more feedback. I explained to this person as a postal employee, for the fees, we're actually paying for postal products (standard, expedited, and express mailing) that we're not getting. He suggested that I call them for a copy if I needed it. I explained to him, "A personal check cost nothing. I shouldn't have to beg you for a copy of a product (official check) that I'm paying you for." If I had to go to court and needed prove of a payment, because the court may not have documented a properly, the judge isn't going to wait on USAA to provide me a courtesy in the mail. I should have this information readily available at my finger tips.

I agree Derek. A potential stressful situation made even more so.


I did just get more feedback myself and finally got copies of the checks in my online account. Thankfully they finally delivered on this but it shouldn't have come to this as a member. I hope this illustrates to USAA that they really need to fill in the gap here. 


Overally, I am very pleased with my 14 years as a member with USAA. I guess I just didn't expect to encounter this with them. 


Take care. Hopefully what we've brought to their attention will be acted upon in the future as a much needed enhancement.