Open an new account here and now I will be closing it

I'm know I new to this but I didn't know it would take 7 to 10 days for one check to be despoit for a check.  I'm in a emergency situation where I needed access to the funds and I spoke to 3 people and they still couldn't help me.  If I would have known this, I would have just placed cash instead.  I was a fool so I wll be closing my account once this transaction is done because this is a matter of life or death where there is no family member that can help me out now.  This is truly a sad day for me and on top of that, it's my birthday.


All banks put holds on check deposits for new accounts, and also for various other reasons.  This is spelled out in the Disclosure Agreement that you agreed to when you opened the account.  Good Luck.

DSTEXAS is right... all new accounts are like that for safety fraud reasons. But it's no need to cancel if you are now aware... now you know for the future. This is a great learning experience for someone new to a bank and young to ask questions and read policy's so you know what to do and set up funds for emergencies.
Sorry to hear timo1. Like the other have stated it is what most banks due in the beginning of the relationship. When I open a new account I always deposit small amount of money and test the waters with deposit, debit, transfer and bill pay. I hope you give usaa more time and have success at building the relationship - good luck.

Hi Timo,

I am sorry that your birthday is not going as planned. Here is the section on new accounts from our depository agreement:

depository arg NEW accts.png

 We hope you choose to stay with us! Thank you for posting.

Thanks for the replies but the worst of the worst happen and I can continue to go thru this hold with this bank. I mean is was just one check and nothing should take this long to confirm. It's not even a check with that much of an amount and this is how usaa treats new customers? Sorry but I can he held a victim like this because they was to hold funds for more than a week.
Timo1, I'm sorry to hear of your troubles, but you are not a victim. Any banking institution that you've just opened an account with is going to hold the funds on a deposited check for 7-10 business days. Perhaps in the future, if you need access to such funds, you go to an Amscot or other such business. I believe that for a percentage of the check, they will cash it for you. Hope this helps.
I suggest that you try to open a second account with a local bank with a branch you can do business with for enough time & history behind you to avoid the long holds & other issues the online-only banking present. Get to know the tellers & manager so they'll work to please you & keep your business. It doesn't matter how much you have in their bank -- they hate losing customers! All the calls & emails don't replace the person to person business.