Online Deposits Now on Phone App Only

I've been using USAA for over thirty years and was extremely happy with their online deposit system.  I did all of my at home deposits on my personal computer. It was a great system and worked flawlessly for me for years.  Now, out of nowhere and without explanation, I'm forced to use an app on my phone.  My computer has never left my house, has never been on a public network, does not have wireless installed and has proven to be very safe.  Now I'm forced to use an App on a phone that goes everywhere I do, including overseas, is always being connected to various nonprivate networks and is not anywhere as secure as my personal computer.

Why was this change made and will at home deposit via the USAA website ever be coming back.  I'm 66 years old and for the most part DO NOT DO APPS, I'm just really frustrated with a world that thinks everybody is 22 and lives their whole life on their phone. Next, I'll need an app to get my Medicare, or to buy groceries, or walk my dog. Come on people this has got to stop.

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Hello Do Not Do Apps, me either. Sadly it isn't just USAA, but DFAS, VA, IRS, Social Security et al. who all think it is within their right to mandate cell phones with apps. Unfortunately, I don't see them buying me one and providing it for their mandate. They will also NOT get my mobile number because everybody has that little statement below where you enter it that you give up all rights and sleep so that we may market to you anything we feel like doing.

My primary computer has no speaker and no camera by choice, so unless all these places want to provide/pay for these as well for work arounds where the exchange is live, not a chat bot that may or may not be intelligent.  I don't do those either.

It's actually amazing too that nearly every creditor out there makes you pay additional for a physical statement or you can settle for their 6-12 month facsimile electronic versions. I'm all for tech, but unfortunately Congress has re-written consumer laws the way financial firms have lobbied them to do.


I hope you find a solution!




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 Now, out of nowhere and without explanation, I'm forced to use an app on my phone.

There was plenty of notice including emails and quite a few threads here.  Many of us were unhappy but the company ignored us.


I won't have a banking program on my phone that goes out in public.  It simply is not secure.


But I ended up with a Tablet and was able to install the program on it and deposit check from there.  Screen is larger and easier to see than a phone also.





Hello @Me on Planet Earth and thank you for reaching out regarding deposits. As of September 15, 2021, USAA no longer offers the Deposit@Home service. USAA strives to improve the digital experience for members by providing innovative solutions that meet or exceed industry standards. Retiring Deposit@Home and focusing on the Deposit@Mobile service allows USAA to streamline product offerings and focus on further enhancing the ability for members to quickly, conveniently, and securely deposit funds into their accounts. Your concerns will be forwarded to the appropriate team for further review. 


Please note that you also have the option to mail check deposits to USAA. You can mail a check for deposit by regular mail service to the address below.


USAA Federal Savings Bank

Attn: Bank Priority Mail 9861

10750 McDermott Freeway

San Antonio TX 78284-9908


Be sure to include a deposit slip and endorse it with your signature and account number. Thank you. ~Sarah