I've been banking with USAA for 20+ years and just realized, it's time for a switch. In the past few days, I've been on the phone with reps several hours that have been very unprofessional, lack knowledge and definitely not helpful. My mistake was paying 2 loans in advance. I've done this for years in the past and it was never an issue. This time an automatic payment withdrew causing a double payment on both loans totaling over $1200. I contacted USAA for resolution, and this has been a nightmare. This started on Friday 2 Sep 2022, I noticed funds missing from my account. I decided to call USAA and the reps had no idea what to do. I was put on hold for extended periods, open dispute cases, fraud cases etc. All I wanted was the funds reimbursed. After numerous hours of working with reps on 2 Sep, I decided to see what happens. Today, 6 Sep, I received a message to contact USAA. I should've known this wasn't going to be good, but I had faith. What do you know, the rep stated, "there's nothing USAA can do". "This was an error on your behalf and not the bank, so we will not be reversing the charges." Now understand, the loans are with USAA. The funds were transferred from a USAA checking account to a USAA loan and there's nothing you can do? At that point, I requested to speak with a manager because I've already wasted over 4 hours speaking to different reps without resolution. Instead of redirecting me to a manager, I was forwarded to a colleague in the resolution department. Again, I had faith that someone there would be able to assist me. I explained the situation. The rep was able to see the transactions, but stated due to policy, there's nothing she could do. I asked, "could you send me the policy you're referencing"? The rep responded "NO, you can look it up"! WOW...That stunned me. I asked "so you're referencing a policy and refusing to provide it to me"? She stated, "I'm not sending you the policy, you can go on". I then requested to speak with a supervisor, and she stated, "there's no one above me" and hung up the phone. You can imagine how livid I am now. I need to speak with someone in management about my issue. I plan on filing a BBB complaint as well. I'm also working on moving all my accounts and letting everyone know to consider other banking/financial institutions for your needs as USAA has lost my trust.

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UPDATE* Just completed a call with Member Advocacy. No resolution, but the rep was courteous, knowledgeable and at least willing to provide documentation as I continue to elevate this. I'm at a lost for words with this so called policy as this provide a serious hardship for us as valuable customers. OR are we still valued??? There has to be a change and things reviewed on a case by case basis. Awaiting documentation. More to follow!

Yep, I had a similar experience. I dealt with that situation for about 3 months. It was not, until I contacted Executive Committee at XXXXX that I got results. Member Advocacy at 800-531-8722 XXXXX is an option also.


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Interesting. The contact information was given to me by the Office of the CEO, to use if I have any issues. Based on the moderator's editing, I can see why there is a lack of communication between the members and management. If an employee is doing his or her job, why would there be a concern about management being aware of his or her performance? A person is either part of the problem or part of the solutions. Judging from the comments posted on this forum, there is a problem. It just a matter of perseverance: Honor, Courage, Commitment.

Good point.  I can see how "I contacted Ms. Smith at extension 1a2b3" would be an issue.  However, it's difficult for me to see how an extension associated with what appears to be an office ("Member Advocacy") could jeopardize the privacy of an individual employee.    Perhaps it's the potential call volume to such an office that's the real problem.


Possibly. But, would any of us run a unit or command in that fashion, without providing a viable alternative? If so, it may cost someone their life.

Thanks for the info. I'll continue as well until this is resolved. Not only for me, but for the entire community.

Just completed another hour plus conversation and wouldn't you know, NO RESOLUTION! USAA is quoting a policy that allows them not to reverse payments if "it's not the bank fault". Awaiting that policy letter so I can escalate. USAA is suppose to be for the military community, I beg to differ. Refusing to refund a customer's $1200 of over payment in these times of inflation is ridiculous. 

USAA hasn’t been “for” the military in a long time. They became just another corporation looking to make profits. We military members are the ones contributing to their profits. USAA is still exclusive though, you must have some military affiliation to give them your money. 

My issued involved a payments being made to my life insurance policy instead of my annuity. Why would I want to make extra payments on a life insurance policy? The policy pays the same death benefit, as long as the premiums are current. Of course, no one wanted to take responsibility for the situation. Banking wanted to point fingers at insurance (USAA), and insurance wanted to point fingers at banking (USAA). When the account number is listed on the payment, that should have been a clue where the funds are to be applied. 

Smart move leaving USAA.  USAA is not the company it used to be.

@AF One, I'm saddened to learn that USAA has lost your trust. I understand that you have concerns about double payments, and I'm sorry that our loan team was unable to find a resolution. After reading your post, I can certainly understand why you're livid, and I'm sorry that we let you down. I will elevate your concerns. ~DC

I did receive a call, but after 5-6 hours pleading my case on several days, still no resolution. I'll continue to escalate and make the community aware of the USAA "POLICY".

This response is pathetic.