I ordered an official check online to send to my realtor to pay for some work needed to sell my condo.  It arrived at her address but I accidently at the check addressed to the wrong name and she could not cash it obviously.  So I called the bank to cancel the check so I could order a new one with the correct name.  Bank told me I had to wait 90 days to cancel a check.  ARe you kidding me... the money has been decremented from my account so I am without the money for 90 days at minimum and I still have to send the money to the realtor today with the same amount.  This policy is ridiculous, what if the check was pilfered or lost in the mail.  You will be without your money in your account or your payee's account and there is nothing you can do about it for a miminum of 90 days... this is the dumbest policy I have ever heard of.. 


I am so upset, I can't even imagine if you were overseas in theatre trying to get something paid..you, your family would be without the money for 90 days with no recourse.  What is the point.   - Upset in Texas USCG Veteran.


@Leslie FL, I can see you're upset with our official check cancellation policy. I will shared your concerns regarding this matter with our bank team. Feedback is important to us as a means to help us improve our products and services. Thank you for taking the time to post. - Ben

Great. Let’s make sure we note I’ve been with usaa for 30 years. Let’s also make sure they know I have chat transcript that categorizes official checks the same as 3 different type of checks which are delineated in the law sent to me as the reason for rejection of cancellation. Also the represenatative said usaa doesn’t have a policy and doesn’t have to post any information about this policy because they are following the law. I paid for services and I was not provided the parameters for that service. A bit like fraud if you ask me and the hundreds of other members posting this very issue on your blog and internet.
I wish I had read your post before trusting USAA with this transaction. One would think, you can trust your financial institution to treat your financial interests of importance:.especially when you have a long standing relationship. NOT USAA. I sent an official check over a month ago and the recipient has not received nor has check been cashed. This 90 day cancellation is a freaking joke. I have over $1000 floating around which I cannot access for 3 months. Not to mention, I still had to debit my account and pay these funds again. I fail to believe this is a fluke that there are so many complaints. USAA system is flawed. Do not trust them to send an official check for you. Good thing I have reserve to back me up for this screw up. This could be ruining for a person who does not have monies to pay while waiting 90 days. Makes me want to fake my mortgage, insurance for 4 vehicles, and other banking services elsewhere

@Dgsad, I understand that you have concerns regarding the 90-day waiting period for a stop payment on an official check. This policy is in place because a payee can contest a stop payment within this time frame, and the originator would be held liable for the funds. We value your membership, and we'd hate to think this matter would be a deciding factor in your continued relationship with USAA. I'll share your concerns with the appropriate team for review. ~DC