USAA sold the mortgage to GMAC who went bankrupt. Now ocwen has my mortgage. A quick google search shows many disparaging remarks about ocwen's service. The one service from USAA I have been completely dissatisfied with is the mortgage. It was a headache to get closed and now this. I'm surprised USAA would be associated with Ocwen. Their website says "proudly serving USAA members". You could replace "serving" with several other words that would be more accurate.


This is helpful because I am in the pre-approved status. Have not found the right house yet. Maybe I should have a legal clause added that binds the lender from selling the loan without consent from the buyer?

Good luck with that.

USAA will sell your loan. No way USAA is going to lend to you if you suggest some sort of "legal" clause. It's their money. If you pay your bills on time, who cares who is servicing your loan?
I'm sorry to hear that. If you've spent any time on this Community site, you've seen that USAA Mortgage unit is not like the other units. I enjoyed their Mover's Advantage Program, but chose not to go with their Mortgage company because of the customer service problems and some of their Limiting Factors. But to be fair, most mortgage companies sell the mortgages within 90 days of closing to whoever pays the highest. The incumbent mortgage company can be better or worse, but usually doesn't reflect the original loaner. I wrote about my experience on my personal finance blog:

Yes, I had my initial mortgage through USAA and they sold it to US Bank. I was actually very happy with US Bank. Then I refinanced to get a lower interest rate and they immediately sold it Ally then GMAC and now I ended up with OCwen. I've looked at their legal troubles and company profile - definitely not a mortgage servicing company I would ever volunarily use. Disappointed the USAA mortage arm does not seem to care about who they hand their customers over to for mortgage servicing.

I have been a member of USAA since 1976. I can assure you each year usaa becomes worst. They have forgotten their mission to serve the GI.
USAA will screw you over just like any other bank, insurance company, ETC. That being said, USAA is no worst than any other company just no better. Price check everything, use usaa when they are cheaper, if not, go elsewhere. It makes no difference, NEVER assume usaa is looking out for you, they are not, USAA is not longer a military organization, just a bunch of civilians trying to make a dollar, Use them when you can, watch your back. If this comment makes it past the server, let me know at Michael w. Thomas USA CPT 1976-1984
Why I am still a member, simply business, Usaa is price competitive in some areas and I get a discount for being a member over 35 years. That said, they only have 20 percent of my personal business, the rest is with other companies.

I have had numerous problems when accessing my OCWEN servicing acoount through this web site:


However this link is more user friendly: