Why is it that making a payment to Navy Federal Credit Union through my online bill pay system takes more than one or two business days? I have four other nationally known creditors who are a part of the ACH payment system... as is Navy Federal. When I do an online payment to those companies - during a weekday period - the funds are transferred the same day if I meet the required 15:00 hour cut off window. They are transferred the next day if I do not. Is USAA discriminating against a competitor?




@Skyhook, thank you for reaching out. I understand that you have concerns about the processing time frame for payments to Navy Federal Credit Union. I'll share your concerns with the appropriate team for review. ~DC

I appreciate your reply. But please know that it is not only my concern.  This is perhaps a customer wide service problem that could result in their having to pay late fees due to USAA's lack of adherance to the ACH online banking standard that other credible financial institutions adhere to.


I also appreciate that you will "share your concerns with the appropriate team for review". When you do that, please remind them that the FDIC has specific guidance for these issues.