OFX download scrambles Quicken accounts after credit card swap

Repeat problem here (wish it wasn't) -- how to manage the transactions download when USAA swaps out credit cards?


My credit card got tapped *again* post-Target, and charges started showing up for pizzas in North Carolina. (C'mon, people, if you're going to commit fraud, at least do it for something more interesting than munchies ...)  It did slip by the USAA fraud detectors (I mean, pizza?), but I spotted it on the third transaction, several weeks after I left the area and reported it. Following good security practices -- thank you, USAA! -- the account was closed immediately and a new card was issued for me.


Recurrent problem, though, same as every other card swapout: the next OFX download asked to create a new Quicken 12 account, then dumped a flood of transactions there that do not intuitively connect with the valid and uncleared charges that I made with the old card.  I would rather be sorting through looking for more fraudulent use -- instead, I have to go through trying to work out how much I'm going to need to pay next month's Mastercard bill.


Any thoughts on how to avoid this problem -- other than cutting up all my credit cards?





1. When you are re-issued a new credit card by USAA they will automatically "close" old account which results in you being unable to even "view old account" it online or download any transactions from the "old account". All transaction data (that wasn't already completed - like pending transactions) to include the "old account" current balance (as a transfer) will appear online and in the statement of the "new" account. This accounts for the  "issue" of having to create a new Quicken 12 account. **Note: USAA may issue one final "statement:" for the "old account" that can be found in your online documents center.


My best suggestions to avoid any problems in the future are these:


  • Prior to calling USAA and reporting your credit card lost or stolen, logon to USAA and download all completed credit card transaction to date. Leave pending transactions.

  • THEN, call USAA and report your credit card lost or stolen.

  • Finally follow instructions on how to "Add New Credit Card" to your Quicken File.

2. I do not use Quicken, however I know you can download USAA Transactions in "other formats" other than Open Financial Exchange (OFX) as I explained in my USAA Member Community Post found here.


3. The best advice I can give you is found at these EXTERNAL LINKS. Maybe you can find an answer there.


4. Also you should consider this:


4.1. If you have ISSUE or a PROBLEM / COMPLAINT then click here to start the process of telling USAA all about it.




4.2. You can try to contact USAA about your ISSUE or a PROBLEM / COMPLAINT via their Twitter Response Form (please include your member number)




4.3. You can call the USAA Website Support Team at 1-877-632-3002 and speak to one of USAA's Website Support Team Members whom will be happy to assist you. They are open 6 a.m. to midnight CT, 7 days a week.



Phone Menu Tip:
At the main menu say: "Technical Support", or the name of the specific feature, such as "Mobile App" or "Deposit at Mobile."



USAA can't begin to address your concerns until they hear from you.


Hope I have provided some help for you.