Why me 1
I have been with USAA for 12 years,
My only means of dealing with my account or anything else I have to USAA is through my cell phone. As of recently they updated I think the profile or something and now my phone is considered outdated I can't go to my account I can't deposit checks I can't see anything in my account it's like my account no longer reachable to me like I've been cut off, I'm on a fixed income how can I afford a $500 or $600 phone? I'm already on disability USAA caused this situation for me and if they feel like my phone need to be a 7.0 and my phone is only 4.5 then get me a 7.0 you have more money than I do, what happened to loyalty ?12 years again 12 years I've been loyal to USAA. I always say to everybody USAA Federal Savings Bank is one of the best banks you can have, is it still true? it may be for the people with the money but what about the people that don't have the money anymore we don't matter? The only ones that matter are the ones who still bringing in the big dollars? Then when I call they transfer me from here to there to there to here and then the last person had the audacity to think she was going to talk ignorant to me,,I'm a lady of intelligence so no I'm not going to go there with her but I also let her know she wasn't going to go there with me either respectfully. And now I got to wait for them to contact me in a few days about my situation. Why would you need to contact me about my situation when we already know what my situation is and the answers already been said I need a 7.0 and unless I have a 7.0 phone I need to buy a 7.0 phone so what's the point in me waiting on someone to call me? Unless they calling me about USAA providing me a phone, God help us the world is all about money. It's God first, others, then yourself USAA when is it ever about others? I'm one of your others and what you have done has cost a catastrophe for me. It's small to you but it's big for me. And you know it wouldn't hurt to have nicer Representatives I understand they're people too, but if they don't want the job give it to somebody that do because I have talked to a lot of people that has been so polite it's only been a precious few that gives USAA a bad name. It only take 1 apple to spoil a bunch, USAA don't disgrace your name don't forget about us little people we matter too.


@Why me 1, we value your membership and your experiences with our team. In order to implement new security enhancements USAA has updated the app. If your device cannot be updated to the new operating system, you can visit mobile.usaa.com on your mobile browser to access your accounts. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We'd like an opportunity to address your concerns about this update and your overall feedback. I've escalated your comments for review and once reviewed someone will be reaching out to you to discuss further. Thank you! -Cynthia