I applied for a personal loan last week and I wish I had read the other posts before this.   Why the minimum amount allowed is $2500 is beyond me.  To make a long story short I was denied the loan but advised to apply for another credit card.  The credit union that I put off to the side in favor of this bank approved a loan for $1500 ( which, by the way, was the amount needed in the first place).  My credit score may not be the best but it was good enough for the credit union.  I understand that the bank has to make money and not take chances on who they consider high risk but wasnt that the reason that USAA was founded.  

Once my credit card is paid off I am going to close my accounts with this bank and utilize the credit union that appreciates all aspects of my credit.




Thanks for the feedback here in Community. I have sent this over to a bank representative to review, and they will be reaching out. Thank you.

Miss Caban, 

No one has to get in contact with me.   The reason the loan money was needed has  

been satisfied.   Thank you, anyway.