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@USAA -  Again, USAA continues to amaze me - our family's experience with USAA the last couple of days:

     1.  I paid all of my bills via Bill Pay before I left to visit my dying Mom and find out that one of my bills is being paid via paper check without any explanation at all.  Check was cut four days before bill was due.  Frustrating since I set this payment up in December and bill is due Jan 14.  After all the correspondence that USAA has sent out about the slow postal times, I would have thought they would allow more than four days to ensure that payment is timely.  Discussion with representative did not provide any insight.  I hope this bill makes it on time as I do not ever believe in paying bills late.  

    2.  Received two identical dividend checks from USAA for our parents-waited to hear from USAA that this was a mistake, but did not hear anything so checks were deposited.  Yep, you guessed it, one of the checks was returned.  We would have called USAA for guidance before depositing checks but it has been difficult at best to deal with USAA regarding our parents' accounts.  We have power of attorneys for our Mom and Dad, but it has been somewhat difficult for some of the reps at USAA to figure that out.  

    3.  Sister went to pay a bill on Bill Pay and lo and behold the system would not allow her to do it because the amount was too much.  There is money in the account so why can't bill be paid?  

    4.  I called and asked why my check deposit limit was reduced and was told that it was related to activity in our account, but also they reduced it for everyone.  But guess what?  Not true.  My sister's did not change at all.  We are all retired/semi-retired and all have equivalent net worths.  Because USAA does not offer business accounts, they really have no idea what is going on in our financial lives.

    5.  Sister is helping her daughter with a renter's claim and company calls today asking for information that USAA should have already and should have already provided to company.  USAA please communicate with your own vendors.  


   Our family really does not have time to deal with this subpar customer service from USAA- we are dealing with the death of our mom and have many other things to do.  We cannot wait to finish cleaning out our Mom's apartment so we cancel all the insurance our parents have with USAA and be done with USAA for our parents.

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#1, Bill Pay time frames are pretty well laid out and indicate which ones can be sent electronically and which ones will require a mailed check.  Payment dates are set by the customer and an expected deivery date are displayed so you can choose an earlier date if available.


#3.  Limits on how much can be paid per bill or per day are not uncommon.




  Regarding #1 - I agree with you in theory about the perceived process on how Bill Pay works and I thoroughly understand the process.  In my case, it showed that the payment was going to be ELECTRONIC when I set it up in DECEMBER and it was going to be delivered January 14.  Bill was converted to check (reason unknown right now) and payment was received January 19.  I actually set this payment up to be received before the actual due date because it was a larger bill than normal (Xmas) and it still did not make it on time.  There are additional facts that I could share with you but in this case, the Bill Pay group messed up.  I am an accountant who has lots of experience paying bills or working with bill paying systems so I do understand the processes better than the average person.  

   Regarding #3 - The limit is $49,999.99 per Terms and Conditions and this amount was confirmed by USAA representative.  Although it may not be "uncommon" to set limits, perhaps the Terms and Conditions then should be updated to really represent and reflect that Bill Pay does whatever it wants without any oversight from anyone, including USAA.