A financial institutions purpose is not to collect information about people for the government. The strong arm bully wording requesting occupation is not For any financial legal purpose The second half of that request says to allow for business purposes and verification to market your information to companies nothing to do with fraud. I refuse to answer the question and USAA will not give me my money and close the account. What happened to this company? I feel they have become a bully government side arm to collect information about us and gain more control/power, and remove freedoms. If Target, Home Depot, Credit Score companies are getting hacked I want as little of my information out there to be stolen. Occupation question is unreasonable & not required. There is no brick & mortar building I can go to to talk to USAA & get my money not a good company to do business with of you can not look someone in the eye to read if they are lying.


@RunDontWalk2, I am very sorry to here about your experience with the occupational questions. I will share your thoughts with the appropriate area as a complaint. Thank you for taking your time to provide feedback. Thank you. ~ Suzy 

USAA social service department will "share' your concern.  But I guarantee you, nothing will be done about it.  USAA is all about PROFIT and CEO bonuses these days.  They make a fortune selling, trading, and managing YOUR personal data. Including your insurance information.  IT will not change.  This company is the problem.  They are no where near the solution to our personal privacy concerns, we all deserve.  I'm not sure who is anymore.  The financial benefit to releasing your information is just too valuable to the bottom line, and directly impacts bonuses.  We, the sheep, are for the most part, too ignorant to realize what's happening.  Until we all wake up this horrible policy will continue.  There was a day when you could trust USAA with your information.  That day is long gone...