This is my experience opening a bank account with USAA: 


Just moved for a new job, got my first paycheck, need a new bank as my last one doesn't service this area.  So I signed up, on the 31st.  Can't use checks I just received to sign up, so I can't deposit them when I sign up.  Can't use my debit card either.  Couldn't get the account numbers for my old bank because they don't show up through my other bank's mobile app, and I didn't have any other internet connection at the time.  Rep says I can't sign up for an account then.  Well screw you too, lady.  Not to be deterred, My existing bank account was already linked through my car insurance, a route the 'specialist' ignored.  Now I have an account, just need to deposit my checks.  Fire up mobile deposit.  Nope.  Call a rep.  He says I go to UPS, which I do... and the system is down.  I call another rep.  Turns out it wouldn't have mattered anyway, need the card they haven't sent yet (They didn't tell me that on the phone).  Now I have to wait for the card, which they'll rush, cause it's an inconvenience.  Get the card, go back to UPS, the system is still down.  1 day to fix?  Nope, that was a lie.  Try again 2 days later... still down.  


Drive to a more distant UPS (Calling in advance to make sure it's working, of course).  Turns out deposits take about forever to scan.  Per check.  The process is as follows:  Scan check. Wait for system to timeout.  Check my phone to see if deposit went through.  It didn't?  Scan check again.  Wait longer.  Checks finally deposited.  Yay.  Funds on hold.  Fudge.  Until the 16th.  That's 11 more days.  These are payroll checks, btw.  


2 1/2 weeks, 16 business days, and I might see my first dime.  Not cool.  Least you could do is train your staff to explain I won't be seeing my money any time soon.  Yes, the 7 business day hold is totally in the agreement I thoroughly went over with the lawyers I keep on retainer, but the other delays definitely were not.  This is very inconvenient.


Run for your life! USAA is terrible. They have gone downhill! Go open a account at a local credit union and support your local economy!

Dear Gorland,

Thank you for sharing your experience opening up an account. I would like to get a banking specialist in touch with you to look into what we can improve and do better in the future. If you could please email us at with your member number and the details you provided above, we will get someone in touch with you shortly.

You should demand your money back.  Oh wait, it is a free account, and a new one at that. 


You might want to read the Depository Agreement when you open an account.  As a new account holder, your deposits will be held (as with most banks) to ensure you are not attempting to use the account to launder funds or perpetuate fraud.

The depository agreement wasn't my primary complaint.  It was the system down being down for several days, it was the rep who said I couldn't open an account, it was the card requirement that wasn't listed when I opened the account, it was the inability to open an account with a check, and it was the the rep hours being listed as 8pm but getting "Sorry we're closed" when I called at 7pm. 

Never had a problem getting them during published hours. Like most banks, they are closed on Sundays.

Checking, Savings, Credit Cards,
Loans, CDs and USAA Web BillPay®
Monday to Friday: 7:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
All U.S. time zones (except Alaska and Hawaii). Time zone is determined by your phone's area code. Alaska and Hawaii codes use PST.

On the extended hold (per the Depository Agreement):

Special Rules for New Accounts If you are a new account holder, special rules may apply during the first 30 days your account is open.

• Funds received electronically through an ACH credit, deposits of cash, wire transfers, and the first $5,000 of a day’s total deposits of cashier’s, certified, teller’s, traveler’s, and federal, state, and local government checks will be available on the first business day after the day of deposit if the checks are payable to you. The excess over $5,000 will be available on the ninth business day after the day of deposit. If your deposit of these checks (other than U.S. Treasury checks) is not made in person to a FSB employee, the first $5,000 will not be available until the second business day after the day of deposit.

• Funds from all other check deposits will generally be available no later than the fifteenth business day after the day of deposit.

USAA please send DSTEXAS a cease and desist order NOW. People have the right to voice their opinions and state their cases without the fear of the DSTEXAS bully reigning down on them with his sarcasm and ridicule!!!

tbque, I have to agree with you. I've seen "DSTexas" on a couple of other posts. No need for the kind of vitriol and other nonsense that individual is dispensing. Kind of reminds me of a doctor who gave a prescription, and implied he didn't care if I got better or not.