Why has USAA dropped monitoring some accounts, eg, Chase bank
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Good luck. I brought it to USAA's attention two years ago when they started migrating users to the new platform. Still don't have access to external accounts (there's a workaround which requires going to your credit card account, as that area appears to still be on the old platform). New app, which just installed on my phone, has also removed non-USAA account access. They show up if you go to add/remove, but never appear on the launch page.

Good Morning, the issue is tied to the platform USAA uses to pull in this data. I think it would be better served to replace the current vendor and go with something like plaid or a vendor that is more consistent. I have spoke with your IT team in the past, they are not able to resolve but report issues to the vendor, about connectivity issues. But again, it would add great value by adding a more consistent or relevant vendor to pull in this data. Data is important to the user and USAA. The future tools would be more accurate and useable for everyone.

We appreciate your feedback @batman23, I will be sure to share with the appropriate area. Thank you for your time. -Emily 

I can confirm this is happening to my external accounts as well. I have Chase and Schwab accounts that are suddenly no longer working. I've tried logging back into to both & reentering credentials without success. My Chase site doesn't even show up in their list of available accounts any longer, event though I've been tracking it this way for well over a year.

Good morning @seabasse, thank you for bringing this to our attention. For best assistance please call our website support team at 877-632-3002 and when prompted say 'technical support'. We look forward to speaking with you soon! -Emily 

Hello - do you have an estimate when Chase and Schwab accounts will be able to be added as external accounts in USAA? I was told that these had to be "turned off" temporarily as a result of the recent website overhaul, but no date was provided for when they would be available again.

Thank you.

@seabasse, we appreciate you reaching out for guidance on adding non USAA accounts to your home page. When the enhancements have been completed there will be a notification on the USAA account summary, so you  can re-link the accounts. Until then, you should go directly to or to view current account information. It looks like it may be later this summer. I hope that helps. ~ Suzy

Meaning: it'll come when and if we feel like, meanwhile shut up.

@RayG, I would not want any member to feel that providing an accurate answer is putting them off. The roll out of the app is still in progress and we must proceed step by step. I do understand this is not convenient and regret if this is a cause of frustration. We value your opinion and I will be sure to send your feedback to the appropriate team. Thank you. ~Suzy 

It would be better for your users if you de-bugged and tested changes prior to removing the user's ability to access an interface that (mostly) works.

@Doug Fry

This should not be the case. Please verify the correct login information with your Chase access, then select "update account" from your USAA online access. You may need to reenter your Chase credentials, or remove the account and re-add again. 

For additional assistance, our Website Support team can help, contact 210-531-8722 "technical support" when prompted. 

Have a good week. ~ Lori C

@Doug Fry is not logging in wrong.  I have same issue- This is what you get after trying to update Chase accounts:

Site No Longer Supports

We're sorry, this site is no longer supported for data updates. Please delete your account.

Reference : 430


Thanks for the additional details. For additional assistance, our Website Support team can help, contact 210-531-8722 "technical support" when prompted. 

~Lori C