Add my voice to the number of members who are upset with the removal of check images from monthly statements. I don't write a lot of checks, but when I do write one, it tends to be for something important that I want a record of. With the old statements, I would have a permanent record of a payment. Now, if I want a copy of a cancelled check, I need to log in and save the image within 90 days of it posting. Otherwise, all I will have as a record is "Check # XXXXXXX" which gives me absolutely no information. 


The USAA website ( gives misleading (at best) or downright false information by stating that:


"The removal of processed check images from statements supports the USAA goal of providing enhanced data security."


The CSA I spoke with told me that the images were removed as the checks had the account number and routing number on them and could be used to access one's account. We can have an honest discussion about how large a threat that is, but that honest discussion needs to note that the statement itself contains the account number and the routing number is public information. 


The website continues: "You may view images of your processed checks on your account by logging onto"


Parsed in a very strict manner, this is true, in that you MAY be able to view processed checks by loggin on to [if your check has been processed in the past 90 days].


Such legal acrobatics are not befitting a company founded on serving the military. 


Please consider adding the check images back onto the statements, or at least make check images available online for a similar length of time as the statements, seven years.


@SourPineapple, Thanks for reaching out today about the images on the statements. I have already forwarded your feedback and will also be sending your concerns to another area to review. I know how important this is to a lot of our members. Thanks again, we appreciate you ~Tom

Agree 100% with you.