No longer able to download banking account activity!

After years of being able to download my banking account activity to input it into another planning program. USAA has changed access and will no longer be able to download our account activity. Instead you are now required to use Quicken to download account activity. Now the problem for me is that I can't export the correct format from Quicken to use in the other program that I have used for years. I have a hard time with having to buy Quicken to begin with. I really do not like the program for what I want to do. Why should I have to spend money on a program that I will never use and still not get what I need from that program? Why can I not just download my account activity like I was able to for years? 


300driver - I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulty downloading transactions. While we did sunset Web Connect download support, there are other options available. Please call our technical team at 877-632-3002 and say "technical support" at the prompt. Thanks, Jason

Quicken is no longer working either!

Hi NHMP. Thank you for reaching out. Direct Connect should still work in order to download data with Quicken. When you have a moment, you can reach out to our technical support team at 877-632-3002, and they would be happy to walk you through some options. Thank you. ~Holland

I spent 2 hours yesterday and 1 hour today on the phone with quicken support.  They finally said today, this is USAA's issue and there's nothing they can do until USAA fixes the problem.  I don't have another 2 hours to be on the phone with your support.

@NHMP, I regret your frustration regarding this matter. I've forwarded your comments to the appropriate area for review. - Ben

It's a shame they only prefer Quicken.  Quicken is pure garbage if you use the Mac version.  

Yeah I'm in the same situation.  I have been using MS Money for years and it works perfectly.  I don't have to pay a subscription.  I don't have to worry about cloud security.  Everything was fine until USAA decided to prevent me from downloading my account information.


Really frustrating that USAA has decided to drop this service.  It makes them a much less attractive company for my finacial needs.



HI Cynthia. I am saddened to read your post and will certainly submit this feedback on your behalf. We can understand that service was useful for you.  We do offer our money manager to help with managing the account as well.  Our support team can assist you with any other concerns regarding exporting your account activity and our money manager feature.  Please reach them at 877-632-3002.  

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 We do offer our money manager to help with managing the account as well. 


Your money manager is simply inadequate for my needs.  Here's a suggestion: top spending all the resources trying to re-invent the wheel developing a money manager and simply allow your customers to download thier account information to use as they wish.