Mr. Peacock:


I am writing to you to express my profound disappointment in my recent experience with USAA. During my almost 30 years as a member, I have reached out for and received assistance for many issues: and on more than one occasion, representatives have gone the extra mile. This time was much different despite what I believe to be a simple request.


I prepaid for a vacation with my credit card, as many people do, in January of 2020. With the onset of Covid-19, I decided that it was in our best interest to cancel our vacation and did so in March – well within the merchant's allowable timeframe. After much effort on my part to recoup our refund, I was told that it had been processed on 24 June 2020. Despite waiting 20 days (15 days past the promised 4 – 5 days), I still have not seen the refund post to my account. When I reached out to USAA's customer service, I was told that I needed to submit a written request to dispute the charge and get any type of assistance. Although I explained that I was not disputing the charge but was trying to find out why the promised refund had not posted, I was told I still need to send a written request. Following the instructions, I did so on 13 July 2020. On 24 July 2020, I got a written response saying that I missed a banking regulation deadline for a dispute, and I would receive no help. On 28 July 2020, I called and reiterated that I was not trying to dispute the charge but rather to get help in finding the refund that the merchant insists had been sent. The USAA representative who assisted me re-opened my dispute with more specificity. On 29 July 2020, I received notice that, since I did not provide any different information, my "dispute" was closed and I'm responsible for paying the transaction (which had been paid at the time it was incurred).


I am distressed that, even after speaking with at least 5 representatives during the course of my efforts to find my refund, no one at USAA seems interested in helping me resolve this matter and have left it to me to find out any sort of tracking number from the merchant so that the refund can be traced. That is disappointing given my years as a member of USAA and the number of services I have used. At this point, I see no recourse but to close all of my accounts and share with my family and friends who use USAA how distasteful this experience has been and encourage them to switch services.


I had hoped for better from USAA.


@TH335, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to understand  what a cause of frustration this is for you. After 30 years of membership it is not the experience we would want. When a merchant promises a refund or credit and you do not see that credit within a reasonable time frame that the merchant provides, it becomes a dispute. I would be glad to forward your feedback about the dispute process. We take this matter very serious and want to advocate for resolution. Thank you. ~Suzy

USAA care to respond to my previous questions?????

If the refund itself becomes the dispute, then it seems to me that the dispute should start from the day the refund was promised, not the date of the original transaction. I was promised, in writing via an e-mail thread, that the refund would post 4 -5 days from 24 June 2020. I'm sure the whole 28-page thread can be found in the document I sent.