I am starting a new post in hopes of getting USAA to finally respond to me. I am STILL waiting again for a call back from Daniel from the CEO's office regarding my situation with the Secured Credit card. If I don't get a response by this time next week I will be forced to close the account. Please do not respond with your bull "it's been forwarded to the appropriate department" that's a load of bs. Please have Daniel call me back like he promised more than 4 weeks ago now!!



MarkMM , as stated previously we ask for no further posting on the subject. At this time we consider this matter closed and no further contact will be made. We regret it has not been resolved to your liking. Further posts on this matter will be combined into one thread or removed from the forum. Violations will result in a temporary ban from posting in the community. 

Unreal. Daniel from the CEO's office promised me a call back! And now your trying to censor me!!! GOODBYE USAA!!! I can't believe how I am being treated. It's so disgusting.

@USAA - if someone at USAA promised to call a member back and they didn't/don't, then I don't think it rises to the level of violating guidelines to post that on the board.  Really it is a breach on the part of USAA to make good on their commitment.  I would have to say in my experience with the "golden group" in the President's office, there is a very high chance the member is speaking the truth as I have experienced the same frustrations with the "golden group" - they do not answer their phones as it always go to voice mail and when they do call back, it is ONLY at their convenience and it is really not to resolve issues but to tell you that nothing more can be done.  Who wants to deal with that?  In fact, I have moved on from the "golden group" and if something really needs to be resolved, I just file it as a complaint with the BBB - it seems things move a bit faster then and once in awhile, something actually gets done.  

   And if USAA makes commitments/promises to their members, why can't the members hold USAA accountable for those promises?  USAA holds the members accountable for their actions - that is why there are overdraft fees, late payment fees, etc.  

@NSueZI understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah