No Loan & No 0% interest on my Credit card?

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I am a 27 year member of USAA and I very disappointed in how USAA is handling the government shutdown.  I typically have about 3 months of pay in savings for unexpected events.  I asked USAA what they are doing to help with their members during the shutdown.  The loan department is the only one offering any special programs.  I am not USCG or NOAA employee.  I am former military but not active military.  I do have direct deposit with USAA.  I don't qualify for a loan under the special program as it requires you to be USCG , NOAA, or active duty.  I am not sure how NOAA fits in there but good for them.  


I thought that maybe I could talk to USAA and see if they could extend me a 0% interest rate on one of my existing credit card accounts from now until 90 days after the furlough.  That seemed like a resaonable request given that they have extended this to members in the past as part of their marketing strategy for new banking customers.  This was also denied.  So I have a credit line with them that is almost fully available.  I have been providing them my direct deposit for years.  I ask for some assistance and I am told they can't do anything for me.  


I think I need to consider if I am going to do anything for USAA anymore. 

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@membership is key, We are sorry to hear you are disappointed and would hate to see you leave, I will pass your feedback along to the appropriate team. - Ben



I had a really good talk with one of your reps that last time I felt that USAA has lost its way in how to treat members.  I never got a call or an email from USAA on that.  Kinda not holding my breath on this one either.   


I'm giving USAA a year to show signs of change.  I want to make sure I wouldn't be jumping out due to my own temporary frustrations.  I suggest management takes a hard look back at what got the company here. 


Members are finding out that we are not members but just customers and we are getting treated the same as a customer anywhere else...or worse.  Time is not up yet....hope USAA has changes coming. 


USAA missed an opportunity with the shutdown to show their members loyalty goes both ways.  



@membership is key, This is not the way we want you, or any of our members to feel. I will share your feedback with the appropriate area to view your concerns. Thank you. ~ Lori C

Still no call or email from USAA.  I'll have the second notice of furlough next week if this goes over 30 days.  I am an exempt employee so I am still working on mission essential tasks.  The President has signed the law indicating that there will be back pay - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- so now there is even less risk for USAA to approve a short term loan or reduce my interest rate on my credit card to 0%.  


How about someone from USAA make an informed risk decision and open the program that is available to USCG and NOAA to all fed employees or atleast all fed employees with direct deposit to USAA.  The lack of support and information from USAA is causing me to question their risk based decision process in addition to the loyalty to USAA members/customers.  This is more concerning than the lack of a loan.










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@membership is key, I understand your frustrations. We encourage you to reach back out so we can review your accounts and see if there are additional options. We have updated some of our offerings for impacted government employees ~ Samantha 

USAA just called me!!!! WOO HOOO!!!


They are willing to defer credit card payments for 90 days.  They are not willing to reduce the interest rate.  They did indicate that I can speak with the loan department to see if their criteria has changed since the president signed the law that indicates Feds will get paid.  


Its something.  Still think USAA could have had a program for this in place based on the last shutdown.  One consolidated message on how USAA will support its members instead of every department working separately and then only for limited agencies.  I'd like to know why it matters to USAA what agency i work for?  SHould I be banking with the transportation fcu so they help DOT/FAA folks?  Is USAA only for USCG, NOAA, and DOD?  

@Membershipiskey, thank you for your feedback.  We are glad you were able to speak with us regarding your account and the deferral.  We remain steadfastly committed to helping members achieve financial security. Each situation is unique, and we will evaluate the needs of our members accordingly.  In addition, USAA is offering special payment assistance to all members impacted by the government shutdown, for eligible Loans, Credit Cards, Mortgages and Auto & Property Insurance.

USAA has changed.  Its not the organization it onces was.  Navy Fed will take care of us.  Move your accounts to them.  

OK, So I thought it was only me. I have been a member of USAA for 18 years. The last furlough, I wasn't impacted as I worked for an agency that had money. This time I work for Homeland Security which is being directly impacted. I no longer serve but I did serve a while back. To discover that Navy Federal and now PenFed have decided to create programs for the employees impacted by the shutdown and learn that USAA has not is a disgrace!! How are you for your members? Just because DOD was not impacted doesn't mean other agencies were not and now I am being told there is nothing in place for me to utilize in the event things get tighter. I have my furlough letter, and when I called (twice) I was told that my concerns would be sent to the proper officials. That does me no good as I like many others will not be getting paid this weekend. I have savings in another account but after that is gone, then what? USAA seems to have forgotten that there are many Border Patrol Officers, Secret Service Officers, Corrections Officers, ATF Agents, FBI Agents, DEA Agents, and many other impacted people that are using your services. It is a slap in the face to turn to your credit union only to discover that the only loans being offered are for the USCG and NOAA. Really??? That is it??? Why?? And even more so, now that I know others are complaining about this and posting their concerns USAA hasn't made a change at all. Tomorrow is Friday and that will be payday for many of us. I know the financial advisors always talk about having 6 months income saved up but the thing is, I live in the WDC area. I dip into my savings on a regular just to handle the day to day expenses that come about.


Again, I won't make threats but I will say USAA needs to be more impathetic to your customers who are feeling this right now. If there is no agreement and this shutdown goes on for longer, what then? The only solution offered to me is because I have a great payment history, I can miss up to two months. Then after that I would be considered deliquent in my payments and I would be reported to the credit bureau. I need my score to remain high as I have a Top Secret Security Clearance. USAA needs to be more understanding and willing to work with everyone during this shutdown. Too bad I can't file a complaint with the Inspector General (Treasury closed) but you best believe that if nothing changes soon, I will. 

Make provisions for your customers USAA like PenFED and NavyFed!!!!!! I have been with you guys for too long for you to treat me this way. And I also have more than a credit card with you. #endtheshutdown  #careaboutyourcustomers