Why is my deposit NOT showing up early in the AM like it normally does? This is quite ridiculous and it's getting on my nerves.


It all depends. Im not trying to get involved in your business but if it is normally there you can expect it to be there, USAA will never forget you. And if you think so just give them a ring on the phone. I got used to my deposits being in my account around 5 am then 6 am now its 7 am. So im sure its just fluctuating.
I have not received my deposit again either this week. Its usually there when I wake in the morning at 6 am, but i see nothing. Hopefully it has something to do with the times so that I can reshift my expectations on when to receive my paycheck.

Normally around 4am when I wake up to get on shift its in.. but... not this time O.o


I never had this happened to me before....    does it mean my direct deposit is going to be late for payday Friday?


Sort of worried...  

The phone reps are very uncertain.. that is making me nervous

Just providing an update, I have not received my paycheck today at all and it is 6:40 pm EST.

Has this happened to you before? If so did you get your paycheck on payday friday?

Its 7:28pm pacific time... no deposit...  hopefully in the morning... 

Funny I should run into this posting board. The past three weeks my direct deposit has not gone in on time as it normally does. My company Is still processing at the same exact time as always. This week it's one day late. I'm a little worried too. What's going on?

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We apologize for the inconvenience. In order for us to check on your individual accounts, please provide your contact information and member number here, or you may reach us by telephone at 1-800-531-8722 - Hope to hear from you soon. - Wendy